Manufacturing Location Profile
PCC Structurals - Aluminum Operations (Tilton/Franklin)
24 Granite St. PO Box 188
Tilton, NH 03276
Fully Integrated Aluminum Investment Casting Foundry
Complex Air and Vacuum Aluminum Investment Cast Components for Aerospace, Military, Energy, and Commercial Applications.
Conventional and HERO Investment Castings. Complete processing available through finished component. Tilton is the "Front End" plant while Franklin is the "Back End" plant for our Tilton/Franklin Aluminum Operations.


Diameter: 50" (155 cm)

Length: 50" (80 cm)

Pour Weight: 150 lbs. (170 kg)

Aluminum Alloys, including A-357, E-357 (High Property), A-356, and C-355. Magnesium Alloys, including AZ91D, Electron21 (R&D - High property) .
ISO 9000/2000; 9002 and AS9000 registered; NADCAP approved for special processes (heat treat, welding radiography, liquid penetrant); D1-9000; BMS7-330. This facility is also certified by all major prime customers.
PCC United States

24 Granite St. PO Box 188
Tilton, NH 03276
Plant Size
Tilton: 154,000 sq ft/14,325 m Franklin: 60,